Botanicals Organic Sanitiser

Botanicals Organic Sanitiser

Whenever I go on holiday I always like to take a hand sanitiser with me and in case you didn't know already I'm off to Spain with some girl friends next month and then Mexico in June with Anthony, his sis and her hubby, so I've been looking for a cruelty free version to take with me - and preferably a natural one too. I used to use Soap & Glory's Hand Maid but since they're cruelty free status is questionable I've not been buying from them anymore. Therefore it was perfect timing when an email popped into my inbox asking if I would like to try Botanicals' new Organic Sanitiser * - yes please!

We all know by now that I love Botanicals - they are a great cruelty free company with some amazing products, so my hopes were pretty high for this. It's 100% natural and is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Botanicals Organic Sanitiser uses organic alcohol, derived from sugar beet, organic lavender and tea tree
essential oils to provide antibacterial protection without using any nasty chemicals. It also has mineral-rich spring water to help restore mineral depletion from the skin.

Firstly - this is a spray bottle! I was so happy that this comes with a spray nozzle, as the one thing I hate about hand sanitisers is that awkward flip top cap that always dispenses too much product and then you have to sanitise your whole arm (and sometimes legs) too! The spray is great because you can just spray a couple of pumps and that's enough to cover the front and back of your hands.

The product itself is really lovely. Other sanitisers always leave my hands feeling so dry and uncomfortable but this one actually makes my hands feel really moisturised, instead of stripped to within an inch of their lives - a first for me. The smell is a really subtle one and it's a gorgeous lavender scent with just a hint of tea tree - gorgeous! I find myself sniffing my hands all day when I use this as lavender is one of my all time favourite smells.

It dries really quickly and I find that I have to work fast to rub it in before it dries, which means you can go on with your day as soon as you've spritzed. The bottle is plastic which is perfect for on the go as there is no fear of it smashing in your bag and it's nice and light for your suitcase too. I also love the mint green label - the perfect pastel colour for summer, so you'll be fashionable when using it too!

I really can't believe that this is a hand sanitiser - it's completely different to all of the cheap, chemical based ones I've used before and it feels like I'm looking after my skin whilst still protecting my hands. Apparently it can also be used as a deodorant (although probably not for everyday use), so if you're off to a festival this year you should definitely look into picking one of these up!

At £9.00 for a 100ml bottle I'd say this is a steal. Although I have the 50ml which I find is the perfect size to fit in my handbag and won't be too big for my holiday clutch either. The 50ml is only £5.95 too, so it's a right bargain! Thanks so much to Botanicals for introducing this product to me - I'm so glad to have found a cruelty free and natural hand sanitiser that's also good for my hands.

Have you tried any natural hand sanitisers?

Kayleigh x

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