Botanicals Gentle Facial Polish

Botanicals Gentle Facial Polish

I find that I'm not usually very loyal to scrubs or exfoliators and tend to just pick up the one that catches my eye in Boots or Superdrug when I've ran out of my current one, so when the Botanicals Gentle Facial Polish* dropped through my door I was excited to see if this was the one that I would finally love. Botanicals is a brand that uses natural and organic ingredients and they are certified by the Soil Association, which you can read more about here.

There are two options of the Facial Polish: Mandarin & Chamomile (for all skin types, especially normal, combination and sensitive skin) and Rose & Camellia (for normal to dry skin and mature skin types). I have combination skin, so I opted for the Mandarin & Chamomile Facial Polish as this sounded right up my street. This product aims to restore brightness to your skin and retain moisture balance and I'm always ready to try anything
that claims to bring a glow to my dull skin. It also contains organic oatmeal and I've found that my skin loves anything containing oatmeal, so I had high hopes for this.

As this is an exfoliating cleanser, it is a lot gentler on the skin than a normal exfoliator. In fact this doesn't feel like an exfoliator at all. When it's massaged in and begins to melt it becomes an oily texture which feels wonderful on the face, whilst still removing any dead skin cells. I've been using this now for a few weeks and have noticed that my skin always looks a lot fresher after using this. It's never made my skin dry or sore like some harsh exfoliators I've tried, it just leaves a glowing, smooth complexion. I use a 5p amount to cover my whole face and I know this pot is going to last me a good few months, even with me using this twice a week to really brighten up my complexion and banish that lacklustre look that my skin has. I've even used this to remove my make up too and I can confirm that it breaks down make up like a dream and my skin was squeaky clean afterwards.

The Botanicals Facial Polish has fast become a favourite of mine and I can definitely see myself repurchasing this in the future. At £18.95 it's not the cheapest exfoliator out there, but considering that this is a natural and organic product that is amazingly gentle on the skin I would happily pay that bit extra. Also as this is so concentrated you really don't need a lot, so it will last you ages. If you have sensitive skin, or any skin type for that matter, and are looking for something that is really gentle but still really effective at removing any dead skin cells I'd definitely recommend picking this up.

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