Make Up Revolution Advent Calendar: Part 2

Make Up Revolution Advent Calendar 2

My original plan was to publish this in between Christmas and New Year but life got in the way and I never got round to it, so I’m finally getting this up today for you to show you what was in the second half of my Make Up Revolution Advent Calendar.

Day 13 - Base Eyeshadow

As the name suggests I’ll be using this as a base colour for other eyeshadows. It provides a nice even tone to apply other shadows over the top of.

Day 14 - Hidden Lights 
Pressed Highlighter
This is a nice shade that will suit all skin tones. It’s a nice highlighter to use in the day as it’s not too pigmented and doesn't look too obvious.

Day 15 - 
Pink Nail Varnish
This looks like a nice, bright shade of pink that would look really good in the summer with a tan. I’m saving mine for then.

Day 16 - Now Blusher

This provides a really natural blush on the cheeks. I find that I do need a couple of layers to build the colour up but once it’s on, it looks great for daytime. I don’t think this would be bold enough for a night time though.

Day 17 -
Sheer Lipgloss
I’m not really a fan of this lipgloss as it is a clear gloss on the lips and I prefer coloured lipgloss. The consistency isn’t sticky and it sits well on the lips, I just find that it doesn’t provide enough colour for me.

Day 18 - Blue Nail Varnish
This is a blue-green nail polish that I like to call a mermaid colour. It looks like it might be a bit opaque but I’m sure with a few coats it will build the colour up well.

Day 19 - Mountains of Gold Eyeshadow

I wore this on Christmas day as it’s quite a festive shade and really complimented the red lip I wore. I do find the eyeshadows tend to crease on me a bit but nothing a quick blend with my finger can’t fix.

Day 20 - Pink Lipstick
This is a brilliant addition to my lipstick collection, as I don't own that many pink lipsticks. I need to add some to my collection and this one is a lovely start.

Day 21 - Golden Lights Baked Highlighter
Wow! This highlighter is pigmented. I only brushed a small amount on my face and I was glowing like a glitterball. This is definitely a product I will be using again and again, especially on a night out.

Day 22 - Red Lipgloss

This lipgloss looks really red in the packaging but I would say it comes out as more of a dark pink than a brilliant red. It's still a lovely colour and I can imagine that this would look gorgeous over the top of the red lipstick.

Day 23 - Plum Lipstick

This has fast become one of my favourite shades. It’s a perfect seasonal shade and I find I can get away with wearing it to work too, as it’s not too bright. Definitely a staple in my lipstick collection now.

Day 24 - Red Lipstick

A classic red that I think will suit everyone. It’s a true, bright red and provides a lovely punch of colour. I find the lipsticks don’t last very long, but they are creamy and don’t dry out the lips.

Day 25 - Eyeshadow Palette

(Being the nonce I am I completely forgot to take a picture of this - sorry. Bad blogger!) There was an eyeshadow palette behind door 25 and I thought this was a fab gift for Christmas Day. I have a couple of their eyeshadow palettes now and I love them. The colours are really pigmented and last a long time. As mentioned before they do crease a bit but I can put up with that for the amazing price point.

I would definitely pick up a beauty advent calendar again next year. I found it so much more enjoyable than a chocolate one and felt like it was an investment too. It’s also a great way to try out a new brand, so if you’ve been umming and ahhing about getting one I say do it next year and you won’t regret it.

Did any of you have a beauty advent calendar? Which one did you have?

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