Make Up Revolution Advent Calendar: Part 1

Make Up Revolution Advent Calendar 1

I thought I would split this down the middle and do 2 posts on what was in my Make Up Revolution Advent Calendar. I bought this when it was on offer in Superdrug for £25 – that’s £1 a product guys, what a bargain! I missed a few days as I was away in Poland and then got a bit excited and opened 6 doors in one go to catch up, so I may have got some of the days the wrong way round! Where the products have names I've put the names in brackets next to the products.

Day 1 – Red Nail Polish
I have loads of red nail polishes so this was a little underwhelming for me. It’s a nice traditional red though that will go with anything and will look lovely with a red lip.

Day 2 – Nude Lipstick

I was excited to pull this out of the calendar as I love a nude lipstick. The formula of this is really creamy and moisturising, so it doesn’t dry out my lips at all and the shade is great for me and looks really natural.

Day 3 – Pink Highlighter (Pink Lights)
Isn’t this so pretty? I think it’s the prettiest highlighter I own actually. It translates as a lovely pale pink/white highlighter that really suits my skin. The only thing about this is that it seems to make my skin a little dry where I apply it, but I need to experiment with it more before I can be sure that it’s this.

Day 4 – Peach blusher (Treat)
When I opened this door I was a little sceptical as to whether this was going to be any good, because it’s not a blush colour I would usually wear. I do find it hard to get any colour pay off from this and it needs quite a lot of building up on my skin, but it does give a nice flush once I have the right intensity.

Day 5 – Nude polish
This looks like a really lovely nude shade and they always come in handy. You can never have enough nude nail polishes!

Day 6 – Orange Lipstick
This is such a vibrant orange that will be perfect for summer. I only have one orange lipstick so far so this is a very welcome addition to my collection.

Day 7 – Brown Eyeshadow (Delicious)
I got pretty excited about this eyeshadow as neutrals and browns are my thing in that department. This is a nice dark brown that can be subtle or built up – perfect as a crease colour.

Day 8 – Pink Amazing Sheer Lipgloss
The shade of bright pink looks really scary in the tube but it actually translates onto the lips with only a hint of pink. It’s a nice gloss that’s not at all sticky on the lips and feels more like a balm than anything else. I will definitely get lots of use out of this.

Day 9 – Pink lipstick
Another bright summer shade that I can’t wait to try out. I don’t wear a lot of bright pink on my lips – I’m more of a nude or red lip girl – but I do like a nice pink in the summer every now and again. This will be perfect for a catch up over lunch in the sun.

Day 10 - Pink Blusher (Wow)

I can't wait to try this blusher. It looks like it will translate to a lovely pink flush and when I swatched this on my finger it looked just as bright which is a good point.

Day 11 - Green Nail Polish
I love minty shades for nail polishes, so I will get a lot of use out of this. In fact I'm going to paint my nails with it tonight!

Day 12 - Pink Intense Lipgloss
This is such a pretty colour for a lipgloss. I find that it transfers as more of a clear gloss on the lips, but has a nice balm feeling on the lips like the other lipgloss. I actually think this is my favourite product so far!

I'm loving this advent calendar at the moment and I'm really excited to see what else is in store behind the other doors.

Have you guys got an advent calendar this year?

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