London Day Trip

On Saturday I visited London with my boyfriend, A. His tattoo artist is in London so we go down every few months and make a day of it. His appointment wasn't until 3pm so we had all morning to wander around and explore. 

We got down there for 9 o'clock and after grabbing some breakfast we headed for Oxford Street. I wanted to visit the new Lush store there and pick up some exclusives, so the boyfriend indulged me as I was going to sit for 3 hours and wait for him in the tattoo studio. He couldn't really argue!

I didn't get any pictures in Lush as I completely forgot in all my excitement but let me tell you it was magical. Spread over 3 floors it's Lush's flagship store and it has all the usual products plus around 200 exclusive to the Oxford Street store. I did a bit of research about the exclusives before I went so I
sort of new what I was looking for.

The first thing I headed for was Elbow Grease. It's a moisturiser that brightens tattoos, so naturally I had to have it. We got 2, one for me and one for the boyfriend. Next I picked up 3 bath bombs; Intergalactic and 2 Milky Bath. While I was looking at the bath bombs I noticed the bath oils and picked up 2 of Dreamtime. I also picked up a Lipstick in Bubbly which is a lovely bright pink. I'm not sure if this was an exclusive but they definitely don't have them in my local Lush so I couldn't resist! The final thing we picked up was Kalamazoo for A which is a beard and facial wash. Overall a pretty successful shopping spree!

Once finished in Lush we headed to Regents Park as it was really hot and sunny. We sat in the gardens for a while and wandered around looking at all the pretty flower arrangements and exploring the gardens. I took a few photos to show you too.

We also made friends with this little guy! He wasn't afraid to come right up to us and take a seat.

Then it was time to go for A's appointment so we headed off to Shoreditch and typically the underground line that we needed was closed, so we had to get a bus and then walk for 15 minutes. It doesn't sound too bad but in 27 degree heat it was a killer. We arrived at the studio sweaty and knackered and I was glad of a sit down! I managed to entertain myself by doing a bit of blogging and reading magazines and 4 hours later we were on our way home again. 

We had a really good day out in London and A got some new ink for his collection too. I love visiting London as there is always so much to do and see. Although coming home is always nice after a long, exhausting day!

What's your favourite thing to do in London?

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